These are ready-made gift sets you will be pleased to bring from Moscow and Russia.


Order a gift set today till 23:00 and get it tomorrow after 10:00 AM when convenient at the reception of your hotel or hostel. Please, mention your address if you are staying in apartments and we will contact your for delivery.



Bright, original and classic gifts in festive packaging are inside the sets. Choose what suits you perfectly: 

16 gifts from Russia

Beautiful gift set reflecting the Russian soul.

10 gifts from Russia

Optimal set of gifts to please the closest ones.

9 gifts from Moscow

Large set of real, Moscow gifts.

6 gifts from Moscow

Good set of the most required gifts from the capital.

20 delicacies from Russia

Edible set to share with your friends the taste of Russia (coming soon).

10 premium gifts from Russia

Gift set for the most discerning travelers (coming soon).